Rebirth of a Hollywood Socialite. – Chapter 62 - Fashion and Elegant 2

Chapter 62 - Fashion and Elegant 2

Many people know that even though Moran is a new brand, with the help of Janet Moran's strength and financial resources, it has already established itself in Hollywood and the United States, and is faintly comparable to major world-famous brands.

r Park An Sun's series is not bad, and it does have something commendable. But compared with Moran, who has become a first-class brand, he lacks some foundation after all. If Moran is compared to a college graduate, then Park Anshan's Catalina is just a child who just started elementary school, and the distance between the two is too far to be comparable.

r The audience in front of the TV does not understand how proud a designer can be on the international stage, but it would be too much to be as proud as that reporter.

r On the night after watching the show, some Korean forum websites began to make suspicious voices. Many people thought that reporter Jin Baozhu was ashamed and was thrown abroad. Some even called the TV station and asked if the reporter knows what she is doing.

r Jin Baozhu heard the call from the station and saw the remarks on the domestic Internet, and was so angry that he smashed the things in the hotel. Fortunately, her colleague was there to stop her from smashing things, otherwise she still doesn't know how much compensation she should pay.

r Out of anger, Jin Baozhu wrote an article and published it on the TV station's website. In the face of the audience, she didn't want to go into a rage stupidly, but to show her own truth. For example, the young girl wore a very expensive Moran brand. She must have chosen the brand instead of having an understanding of fashion. So what's wrong with asking the other person to see the work of their Korean designer?

r Just like many people would rather spend thousands to buy a bag with a famous brand logo, no matter whether the bag is really beautiful or not, it really suits their own liking, all they want is the brand.

r Jin Baozhu believes that a girl who is very young at a glance wears such an expensive set of clothes. If it is not a fake, it means that she has money and no place to spend and only pursues the brand.

r In her article, she also appealed to young people in her country. Brand is not the most important thing. Fashion does not necessarily have to be expensive branded clothing. Sometimes adding a silk scarf and a personalized bracelet can make you feel fashionable.

r I have to say that what she said was quite reasonable, and people who read her article couldn't help but agree with her.

r It is true that many young people only know the brand and forget more. In fact, no matter how good a foreign brand is, it may not necessarily be as good as its own. The things Westerners are used to are not necessarily used by Asians. Different countries have different cultural customs and many cultural differences, so there is no need to pursue foreign fashion concepts.

r If it hadn't happened by accident, perhaps the incident would have passed. When the enthusiasm of the news passes, no one will remember the beautiful American girl who appeared in TV shows, but only

Chapter end

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