Born From a Forbidden Union, Humanity hates me. – Chapter 10: The time to depart has come!

Chapter 10: The time to depart has come!

After explaining how things went down inside the orphanage, and the part where Orion met his parents to Amelia, time continued to flow, as the years passed.

Orion began to train his newly acquired magic, while Amelia trained in combat, magic, and control over the 'Marked' ability.

She learned in a really short time how to be a hunter, and showed great aptitude with sharp weapons. The hobby she enjoyed became her greatest ally, as her proficiency with a knife turned out to be unparalleled.

In less than a year, she successfully learned to use twin daggers. She also improved her control over two of her elements. 

From her five elements, the most difficult to bring out were the lightning and earth elements, while the easiest were the wind and water elements.

On the other hand, Amelia remained unable to use a single flame. The trauma caused by her loss of control over her magic hindered her progress with the fire element.

During their training together, Orion thought of an idea. Although, with Amelia's control not perfected, he pushed it in the corner of his mind.


The same year, Orion began to show the first hints of magic. His two forgotten elements, the light and dark elements, were difficult to manipulate.

They possessed peculiar characteristics. 

While the light element was able to greatly improve the speed of objects or individuals it enveloped, the dark element inflicted ailments on everything it came into contact with. Those were added with the physical properties of the arrows.

Forming an arrow made of these elements was exhausting, as the amount of magic energy required to form just one of them forced him to rest for a few hours before trying again.

The end of the first year approached, with both learning to control what they had gained so far.


During the first half of the second year, Amelia and Orion trained in close combat. 

Since Orion was more of a long-range attacker, he got defeated a few times, but used these training sessions to find counters for situations where he couldn't stay in the back.

Frustration on both side helped them improve day after day. 

Until Orion broke his bottleneck, and managed to surprise Amelia.

Around the latter half of the year, for the first time since gaining the ability to use both elements, his appearance changed. His bangs split vertically in silver and gold hues, replacing his black hair.

Ending up as a sudden and short release of magic, it didn't last more than a few seconds. However, this pushed Orion to continue practicing his magic more earnestly than ever.

While he was improving by leaps and bounds, Amelia perfected her control over water and wind elements. 

As important as it was for her to get every element under her control, she focused on what she could use, leaving the three other elements unused.

Her proficiency with the wind and water elements improved tremendously, making their use instantaneous and effortless. Ideas began to flood her mind, as she developed new techniques for them.

They shared ideas between each other, leading to an explosion of experiments for Orion.

Since he was lacking in control and power output, he continued to accumulate these ideas in a part of his mind.

Yet, despite their improvements, they lacked two things: the quality of the magic, and the amount of time it could remain without dissipating.

The second year ended, with Amelia showing more improvements than Orion.


A few months after the third year began, Orion's first success came to see the light of dawn.

Two brand-new weapons made of condensed magic were created.

Since they were made of magic, they had no need for maintenance, while also relieving him of the weigh.

Two distinct crossbows made from light magic and dark magic. 

When the dark crossbow fired, dark crippling arrows inflicted his targets with ailments, while the light crossbow shot arrows with an absurd velocity, and with incredible piercing capabilities.

Afterward, he named the weapons: Alcyone (Light) and Taygeta (Dark).

On the other side, Amelia learned to use her magic creatively.

Creating wind layers around her boots using her wind magic, she became able to move much faster.

With water magic, she discovered a way to dodge more effectively. Using water to shield herself from attacks, or slide out of an attack, it paired well with the wind element.

Controlling exactly when to switch them in battle, Orion began to struggle against her.

The 'Marked' ability seemed to boost the speed at which she grew, leading her to become an unrivaled opponent.

It was when Orion asked Amelia to train the 'Shackles' that everything became interesting.

The burning feeling returned in his leg the instant Amelia activated the ability. But this time, Orion was prepared and under normal conditions.

The 'First Gear' required a lot of energy. After activating it once, Amelia ended up unable to move for three days. Even after recovering, she remained unable to use magic for another day.

This became their daily training for months, until they were able to both use it efficiently.

With the 'First Gear' in his arsenal, it allowed Orion to follow and fight Amelia, creating an illusion of fairness.

Unless Amelia controlled the output of the 'Marked' ability in conjecture with her magic, nothing would improve.

In the end, she managed to do that in record time, needing less and less time to recover between uses.

The other problem came from Orion. His leg could only endure the ability for five minutes, as the burning became unbearable at that point, making him unable to walk properly for days.

He had no idea how to improve its duration, but he knew that it wasn't Amelia's fault.

It was an issue coming from him.

With his magic under control, there was nothing else for him to improve on at this point.

And with all of that, the third year drew close to an end.


Chapter end

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