Apocalypse Land: Rebirth – Chapter 99: the chasers were pitted against the wild boar

Chapter 99: the chasers were pitted against the wild boar

Chapter 99: the chasers were pitted against the wild boar

rVicky originally planned to kill it on the way when passing through this area.

rHe doesn't know the intentions of the people chasing him but he doesn't care.

rHe let Radha drive the car while he took out binoculars to check the faces of the people that are chasing him.

rAfter seeing their faces and their lip movements Vicky came to a conclusion that they are enemies.

rSince they are enemies Vicky would not give them a chance.

rFortunately he is also in the right place to trap them right now.

rWhile going around Vicky told Radha to take a cut into the plant forest to the side.

rAfter going for a little while Vicky found a good hiding place.

rThe people followed them into the plant forest.

rVicky left the military car here and told the girls to climb a plant that has thick leaves to hide behind the leaves.

rVicky then took out big lumps of meat wastes that he took from the tier 3 monster beast tiger and other monster beasts that he dissected.

rHe directly dropped them in the nearby area from the system space.

rThen he climbed to the top of the tree and came to his women.

rAfter that he took out a special scent to spray on their bodies.

rThis would mask them from the monster beasts.

rThis is the territory of a tier 3 monster beast wild boar.

rIt has a keen nose for the smell of meat and would definitely be attracted it.

rIt is because of this reason this current area did not have many monster beasts in fear of becoming the food of the wild boar.

rOn the other hand the people chasing after Vicky and others came here at their fastest speed in the cars.

rBut when they arrived to the spot where the military car is parked they stopped their cars and started to check around vigilantly.

rThey have seen the abilities of Vicky before and they are all holding guns to kill Vicky as soon as they saw him.

rVicky guessed it correctly they came here to kill Vicky under the orders of some people.

rVicky doesn't need to know who those people are.

rVicky on the other hand is hiding on the top of the plant along with his women felt a strong stench approaching the location they are currently present.

rVicky knows that the wild boar is on its way here and these people would die.

rVicky's women covered their noses from the unbearable stench from the wild boar.

rThe wild boar is as big as a truck that is a little smaller than the tiger before.

rBut it was more ferocious and its body is like a strong armor.

rUnder normal circumstances it is not possible to attack it unless one shot it with a shot gun at the weak spot from a close range.

rIn the big meat waste lump Vicky has mixed in some muscle relaxants.

rAs long as the wild boar eats it would be helpless after a while.

rThere is a reason why pig is called a pig.

rIt would not leave anything and eats everything.

rVicky was sure that after killing those people it would eat them.

rThen it would eat the monster meat lump mixed with muscle relaxants that Vicky left there because of its pig nature.

rAll he has to do is to wait for the opportunity and strike when things are right.

rWhile he is watching he noticed a position where the wild boar is actually waiting and looking at the people patiently.

rVicky gestured his women to take a look at the wild boar in the dark.

rIt is evening and the number of huge plants is too much enough to create dark and shady places.

rThere dark and shady places can even hide the big things like the wild boar that is as big as a truck.

rThe two women looked at the wild boar covering their noses and frowning because of its ferocious and gluttonous expression.

rOn the other hand the people that smelled the strong stench thought that it was from the meat lump on the side.

rThey are carefully checking the car that Vicky and girls left behind and went around to search for clues of Vicky and the girls.

rBut they did not find anything in this darkness.

rRight at that moment suddenly there is big sound.

rThe wild boar came out of the shadows and bite off the top half of the body of a man from his behind.

rThe people immediately reacted and started to shoot at it.

rBut no bullets touched it because it was running around.

rEven if a bullet touched its hard skin it would not penetrate much.

rNormal bullets and even grenades cannot put a dent in its skin.

rWild boars usually rub off against the rocks, mud and dirt.

rAll of this would slowly dry off on its back forming a strong shell.

rThe rough skin below was already hardened from all the rubbing around.

rThe wild boar ran to the side and hit another person with its tusks.

rIts tusk straight away pierced into the chest of that man and he was still screaming while he died slowly.

rThen it directly crashed into another person that flew back and hit a tree with all of its bones broken.

rThe head on hit from the wild boar of this size is no different than the head on hit from a high speed train.

rSo that person is dead immediately.

rAnother one that is a little faster entered a car and wanted to leave.

rBut the car was hit by the wild boar and it directly over turned.

rThe oil in the car leaked and the fire quickly started.


Chapter end

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