Apocalypse Land: Rebirth – Chapter 94: Vicky faces the monster tiger

Chapter 94: Vicky faces the monster tiger

Chapter 94: Vicky faces the monster tiger

rSo they planned the things carefully.

rVicky silently loaded the sniper rifles for the fight with the monster tiger.

rThat is not all.

rHe prepared all the things that are necessary for dealing with the tiger monster.

rAfter he made the preparations he received summon from the higher officials.

rIt seems like they discovered the unnatural activity in the newly formed gigantic plant forest.

rWell military people also have forest habituate experts that have survival skills for special situations.

rThat person discovered that too strange phenomenon just like when a stampede like situations occurs.

rOr a more complicated situation where a leader moving a beast tide in those past stories.

rAfter looking at the zombie tide they are more inclined to the monster beast tide happening.

rEven though there are not many animals in this place other than mutated pets, there are forests everywhere.

rThere is a big crisis in the south and similar to humans, beasts also move towards north for safety.

rThere is always a chance of mishap and few beasts migrate toward this direction.

rThere is no food availability right now and the mutated planes cannot satisfy the hunger of flesh eating beasts.

rThere is a place filled with weak prey present in this place.

rWill they simply let it go?

rThe weak prey is the humans that did not awaken yet.

rAs for the awakened humans their deterrence is not that high.

rSo the bases of humans became their targets.

rThe reason why Vicky is summoned is to speak about the situation.

rVicky did not eat away their time and based on the information he added a few words and simply said his previously prepared strategy.

rWith his strategy in place the people immediately started to move along with the proposed strategy.

rVicky and his girls are also on the move and went straight to the location where they estimated that the tiger monster would appear.

rVicky did not know where that monster would come out.

rAll he remembered is that this monster appeared from the far west end of the forest near the barren rock mountain.

rThis is a high place where the tiger would stay and watch the monster beasts attack the base.

rIf the attacks are continuous then even the magic formation can break.

rAlso the magic formation cannot block with multiple targets at the same time.

rIf the monster tiger comes down to attack them.

rThen they would most probably break the formation with a single paw swing.

rVicky and the girls came to this side and started to hunt the monster that should emerge from here.

rWhile the groups of soldiers are waiting they saw the large number of monster beasts running out of the big plant forest.

rThey are ferocious and are ready to attack with full swing.

rVicky took out his guns along with his girls,

rThere is also a swords strapped to their side for quickly usage.

rVicky's group of three is a little away from the side of the soldiers but they can still see Vicky's group fighting.

rVicky took the guns to shoot the leading dogs that are bigger than a lion and there are cats as ferocious as tigers.

rVicky and his girls would not show off their space here.

rSo they have few sets of bullet magazines ready on the side.

rThere is a big box behind them that contains many weapons including the sniper rifles.

rThey started to shoot the beast as fast as they could.

rAfter killing over 100 beasts the tide of beasts almost came to them.

rSo they put back their guns and started to use their swords to fight with the monster beasts.

rThey killed more beasts with the cold weapons than the hot weapons.

rThey looked like dancing when killing the beasts and all the beasts that came into contact with the swords would be cut.

rRight around that time they heard a big roar from the barren rock mountain on the side.

rEveryone saw a monster tiger that is as big as a bus.

rMany hunters that are brave enough to face the monster beast tide have their legs limp and fell back in fear.

rThe soldiers are still fine.


Chapter end

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