Apocalypse Land: Rebirth – Chapter 29: captured Nisha and Roy

Chapter 29: captured Nisha and Roy

Chapter 29: captured Nisha and Roy

rAny way they will still get food and water but the quantity is halved this would result in saving a huge amount of food and water.

rThe time passed by as Vicky exercised, stole some guns and ammunition whenever he got the chance.

rDuring one of the time Vicky's men that he arranged to keep an eye on Roy and Nisha reported him that there are strange movements.

rRoy and Nisha are meeting with the people from other mafia parties and political parties in secret.

rVicky silently followed them on one night when they are free.

rAfter finding that Roy and Nisha met with the other groups Vicky only smiled and then his attack started.

rVicky silently followed them on one night when they are on the move.

rWhen Roy and Nisha are returning, Vicky took out some food that has strong meat smell and lit a small fire at an abandoned place on the way.

rThis smell attracted the attention of Roy and Nisha.

rRoy possesses a gun that he got from the political group in the name of his family.

rSo he wanted to use this gun to deter the people cooking the meat and get their food with his gun.

rWhen they came over it was half constructed building with slabs and stairs but there are no walls.

rThere is fire on the third floor above the water surface.

rThe surrounding area is a construction site and there is no one living here.

rNisha had a bad feeling about this but the smell of food did not let her think normally.

rSo she followed Roy and came to the third floor.

rThere is an image of a man sitting near the fire covered with ragged clothes with his back towards the stairs.

rRoy pointed the gun at the figure and said his warning but there is no movement as if that person has died sitting.

rThey moved forward step by step when they suddenly felt a gust of wind from behind.

rVicky that was hiding on the fourth floor came down behind them and knocked out Roy and Nisha.

rThe figure sitting near the fire is a mannequin that Vicky found during his searches.

rHe thought that it can be used for distracting others so he collected it.

rVicky immediately took the food and put off the fire.

rHe took both Nisha and Roy to the top floor and first he dislocated the joints of Nisha and Roy.

rClosed their mouths with plasters and packed them up in bags.

rHe took their rubber boat and other things and then returned back to the apartment buildings.

rHe put his boat away and then took the two bags on his back during the dead of the night.

rHe did not make any sound when moving and no one lives at the top floor.

rFortunately his physical fitness is much higher than it was before if not he would not be able to carry them both till the 20th floor easily.

rWell his physical fitness is still a little low so he sweated a lot.

rBecause of the lack of food both of them weighed around 130 kilograms.

rEven though it was night no one noticed Vicky moving the things because of his vigilance to the movements and no lights.

rAfter coming to the 20th floor Vicky took them straight to his apartment and then he tied them up with chains.

rVicky hit on their vocal cards making them unable to speak.

rHe also dislocated their hands and leg joints.

rThen he woke them up.

rWhen they looked around they were shocked to find Vicky sitting on a chair in front them and they cannot move are speak.

rWhile they tried their best to move and make sound they realized that their hands and feet are tied other than their dislocated joints.

rTheir movements increased the pain at the dislocated area making them want to scream without any sounds.

rAfter he let them calm down, Vicky knocked Nisha again.

rThen he looked at Roy and spoke.


Chapter end

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