Apocalypse Land: Rebirth – Chapter 10: hoarding supplies part-3

Chapter 10: hoarding supplies part-3

Chapter 10: hoarding supplies part-3

rThe time for the apocalypse is getting close.

rVicky started to make his preparations and made the final checks on the things.

rAll that is left is to steal the granaries in some cities.

rVicky plan to steal the granaries early.

rThis is because after he steals the granaries then the officials would fill in the granaries again by the time the end of the world starts.

rOther than that Vicky is planning to tour around the rural areas to collect the best vegetables and fruits during this time.

rDuring the past 7 months after the stagnant time started Vicky started to collect sealed food like chocolate, biscuits, rare spices, special ingredients.

rFreshly cleaned meat of chicken, duck, geese, pork.....

rThis was all stored separately in packages.

rThen when he visited other places Vicky stole some big markets of their cold storages.

rThey contain loads of vegetables, meat, ice creams, beverages...…..

rThis is not all that Vicky stole.

rVicky would visit the famous brands of alcohol, tobacco, tea...…

rThen he stole the entire goods from their storages silently.

rThen when Vicky visited US he made sure to find the canned food storage facilities and went to steal them all.

rBecause there is too much material people always has this imagination that they need a truck to steal these things.

rSo the total security for this kind of things is only surveillance cameras and a few security guards.

rFor Vicky this was an easy job to take care of these people and the surveillance.

rIf it is a banks, or some secret recipe records of big companies then there are high security locks.

rBut for the current situation there is not much locking that Vicky cannot pick.

rSo, all these things were stolen by Vicky in the nights of his journey around the world.

rWhile he is back at Mumbai he would put big orders to purchase the goods that he was unable to get before at other places.

rAlso Vicky stole some off road vehicles and RV during his trip to some famous cities that has vehicles expo like they did every year.

rAll these vehicles are equipped with high end technology and all the special parts including spares were prepared for the show.

rVicky stole everything and stored on one side of the warehouse.

rHe also cooked and filled all the containers of his favorite foods and there are many packages of delicacies that he ordered before.

rHe collected herbs and many old wines stored at big places in secret.

rHe also got loads of common medicine and other rare medicine in storage.

rIt can for a long time if needed and can be traded later for other things.

rAll these things were stored carefully.

rVicky also collected camping materials including fire wood and charcoal in large quantities.

rThis happened in the past 7 months.

rNow there is only one month before the apocalypse starts.

rThe granaries and cold storages that were emptied once before are already full again.

rVicky wants to go for another round to fill up all the supplies that he used up for cooking various foods.

rAlso Vicky collected fresh milk that was collected and used it to make curd, butter, ghee.

rThen he used the ghee to make sweets and other varieties of food that he liked.

rGhee is good for health compared to many oils and is good for digestion.

rAlso it is high quality food on the same level as chocolate.

rVicky collected dry fruits and are stored.

rBecause he worked at the bottom level for many years Vicky knows the black smith that would make very sharp butchering knives.

rVicky bought them saying that his friend is going to open a butchering store.

rThis month Vicky was still followed boss Oba.

rTheir destination is once again to purchase the goods from the big country.

rThis time Vicky came here and saw that the weapons were all stocked again.


Chapter end

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