Annie Grey – The Dream

The Dream

Two days had passed since Annie and everyone one moved to the Witch world, their routine was more or less the same, every morning would start up with Everyone having Breakfast together like one whole big family, Stella would join them if she didn't have any official duties to take care of.

rBreakfast, Dinner and Lunch was always Lively when everyone was around and especially Evie because she would always have something to talk about, and that would get everyone else in the mood for talking.

rMaddie felt really grateful for this special time that she was sharing with all of them, it really gave her a taste of how it felt to be part of a real family, these people knew that she was the daughter of the enemy but yet they gave her a second chance and trusted her blindly, she was sure that she would not let any of them down and prove that she wasn't a waste of their trust.

rAfter Breakfast, Annie, Matt and Maddie decided that they wanted to explore the Palace, since they were not allowed to go out due to security reasons, the Palace was so big and they almost got lost.

rAdrian offered to take them around the Palace but they refused saying that they wanted and Adventure.

rMeanwhile in one of the meeting rooms


Chapter end

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